About Us

The studio

Seventyfour is an artisan leather studio with a design philosophy of simplicity. We are based on the East Coast of South Africa in the coastal town of East London. Every Seventyfour creation is cut by hand and 100% hand stitched.   Yes, stitch by stitch!

Why ‘Seventyfour’?

We are passionate about the ocean, its inhabitants and the preservation of our spectacular coastline. So why not name our business after one of its most colourful inhabitants? Seventy-four seabream (Polysteganus undulosus) are migrating, spawning fish known to form aggregations on rocky reefs. They were once the most common linefish consumed in KwaZulu-Natal, however, due to overfishing, stocks collapsed and they have been specially protected since 1998. They are currently listed as Critically Endangered on the IUCN list of threatened species. Fishing of any kind is prohibited. Other names: 74 seabream, 74, Seventy four, Seventyfour, Vier-en-sewentig, seventy-four.

Our bags and their names

All of our bags are named after seafood species on the WWF Sassi list for endangered ocean species. We encourage people to make sustainable choices.  Click here to download the SASSI pocket guide  http://wwfsassi.co.za/why-choose-green/

The Logo

The logo is inspired by the colours of the Seventyfour seabream and the icon is a graphic representation of a fish.

Seventyfour, freedom to be ...